2FA Auth Demo

A demo that registers users and lets them set up Google Authenticator (TOTP) and Fido U2F tokens as 2FA

Screenshot of Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator

This uses an app on your phone (Android & iPhone) to generate one time passwords based on the current time.

The application can generate codes for multiple different site at a time and can easily be configured by scanning a QR code or typing in a short sequence of characters.

This mechanism is used by organisations such as Google, Dropbox and Github

Fido U2F

This method uses a USB token that holds a certificate to generate a signed token on request. At the moment this only works in Chrome, but there is work to create a plugin for Firefox (install and github)

There are a number of different manufacturers making U2F tokens.

U2F is supported by Google,Dropbox and Github

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